8 Responses to Would A Slobberbone By Any Other Name Still Rock Your Face Off?

  1. gracey says:

    I’m so jealous, I can’t even comment.

  2. jitter says:

    You know Gracey, I feel that way every time I see a picture of The Grand Tetons.

    If it’s any consolation at all, JPW posted some video:

  3. John says:

    Geez…..Slobberbone from their debut to their last…WOW..it’s been years!!! since I liked a band this much…….Hey Jitter, Naomie still aound?

  4. jitter says:

    Hey John

    Yes, Naomi is still in charge here. As you can see the site has been dormant for some time. There’s even been another Slobberbone reunion, two in fact, since this was posted.
    Hang in there, there could always be more.

    Oh, and the one I went to in Denton was incredible.

  5. Gret says:

    I know this blog is old, but I just stumbled across it. I love the band, and listen to them everyday. Any chance for another reunion? I’ll be at Bonnarroo….and I look forward to DBT!!! I only wish I would see Brent, Brian, Jess, and Tony!! ……some of the best song writing and vocals of our time.

  6. naomi says:

    Gret, John,
    Sorry this blog has been not so active. We promise to do better.

  7. Matt says:

    Can’t believe I missed all of this…. I caught the Drams and Will Q. and the Diviners in Tampa a couple of years ago, and the Drams not only called out Brian Lane before they sang Shortsighted but they got together and played an impromptu set as Slobberbone. The crowd was sparse, the beer was good and they belted out the best shit I’ve ever heard. Pissing next to Brent Best just before the Drams went on, I commented that Slobberbone made three of the best records I’ve ever heard. Sitting here tonight, with a couple of those in the cd player on shuffle, it holds true.

  8. naomi says:

    I can’t argue with that. Love the Drams disc too. Did you know Brian Lane moved back to Texas and Slobberbone lives once again?? They are even touring. Check out their website http://www.slobberbone.com. Someday, I might get to see them. Jitter does all the time, of course. . .

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