Tequila Brad Throws A Big Ole Birthday Party!

Tequila Brad’s party!Anybody know Tequila Brad down there in Dallas?

You might if you go to certain shows in the Dallas area or you visit certain discussion boards (The Drams, The DriveBy Truckers, for example).

Well, even if you don’t, you just might want to check out Brad’s birthday party this weekend (Saturday, November 17, 9:00) at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton, Texas.

See, Brad had this great idea. What if he got three of his favorite bands and had them all play at the same venue for him as a birthday present for himself??? He figures there is not a lot of overlap between the fan bases for these three groups and he might be doing some people some favors by introducing them to more good music. So, these Texas bands, not necessarily in this order are: The Drams out of Denton, Band of Heathens out of Austin, and Todd Mankin out of Fort Worth.

I guess it’s not a secret that we SlackerCountry folk love the Drams so I’ll leave it at that. But we know Brad and we know he also likes another of our favorite bands, Scott Miller and the Commonwealth, and that makes us wanna go to his party and listen to his music. The cover is $10 and Brad says, please don’t bring him a birthday present but think about buying band merchandise to support his favorite bands (’cause he is not only Tequila Brad, he is a patron of the arts – and, if you appreciate irony and the way things all come together and you know Slobberbone like we know Slobberbone, look up Patron of the Arts on Wikipedia for an eerie coincidence – e-mail us if you get it – no prizes in it for ya but we’ll be impressed).

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3 Responses to Tequila Brad Throws A Big Ole Birthday Party!

  1. jitter says:

    Oh man, there definitely should have been a prize.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up Slack! I adore Brad and need to figure out a way to attend this lil’ shindig.

  3. naomi says:

    Oh yeah, Cindy. You gotta go!
    To know Brad is to love him.
    And then there’s the music!

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