We Are The O’s

There is this Dallas band I’ve been hearing about.  They’re called The O’s.  And last week they came up here to Denver to play some fancy gig at the Brown Palace.

Turns out that gig was private and they felt bad that their other Denver fans wouldn’t be able to see them so they tacked on another gig after the fancy gig (thanks to Jay Bianchi of Owsley’s Golden Road for scheduling The O’s at the last minute).


I had listened to a couple of tracks on the website and they sounded decent but  the folks down in Dallas have been raving about them so I figured it was worth going out late on a Monday night to see them.  Well, it was.

The O’s are Taylor Young and John Pedigo. They both sing. Taylor has the guitar and the drum. John has the banjo.  It sounds like there are a lot more than two of them up there.  Takes coordination to do that.  And it’s not like they weren’t drinking or anything.

The two of them have been and continue to play  in several bands.  The O’s  website lists:  Polyphonic Spree, Young Heart Attack, Hi-fi Drowning, Slick 57, Young James Long, Rose County Fair, Boys Named Sue, P. W. Long, and The BAcksliders.  That’s a lot of bands – all well respected down there in Dallas.  They have something special here with The O’’s, though.

So, the music.  Mostly they played their own songs despite loud demands from a somewhat inebriated crowd to play anything from “Freebird” (really!) to Manilow (not kidding about this either).  One particularly persistent guy kept requesting  “Hotel California” and even offered to sing it for them if they would just play it.  The boys charmingly resisted – they had a lot of original stuff to play and play it they did.  And it was great!

The O’s mostly sound like The O’s but I was reminded somewhat of the Old 97’s.  Bucky was talking Avett Brothers.  We were both entranced.  I especially liked the way Pedigo would start screaming the chorus of a couple of the songs – also, I think songs written from a stalker’s point of view are funny.  Darling, I do.

They did play one cover – “Bowling Green.”   Good job on that one.

We bought the disc and ripped it open in the car on the way home.  I continued to play it in my car for the rest of the week.  Still haven’t decided which songs are my favorite but “I Still Wait” has already made it on my newest compilation.  And when I close my eyes, I can see them wailing out the chorus together.

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2 Responses to We Are The O’s

  1. jitter says:

    Yeah, those crazy Dallas people just wont shut up about them.

  2. gracey says:

    Hey, these guys are great. Good find! Thanks.

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