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JON DURHAM Roots and Wings (2008), Half Fast Music

Jon DurhamI was so pleased to find this in my mailbox one day. The cover art and the song titles are so pretty. Inside are words of wisdom – “Remember your roots and use your wings”, “Wings can unfold at a moment’s notice.”


In the first song, Jon revisits the small town he remembers. It’s true, man. I grew up that way, too.

“Courtesy” follows and brushes up against a question that’s been on my mind lately –  Are we growing more patient because so many things take so much longer due to the lack of courtesy, customer service, thoughtfulness and general efficiency in our day to day activities? Or, is it just driving us crazier?

The title cut is great and, of course, “Faded Cut Off Jeans” touched me, having been there for the original version of those lyrics. What it morphed into is perfect.

‘Three Points” is sad.  Lead guitar player/slide, Brandon Turner is really just perfect on “Port City”. I love me some slide guitar.  “Forty Ton Oak” could have been a Guy Clark song.

The album ends with “Has it all gone to hell for nickels and dimes?”  Sad songs, pretty songs, good songs that make you think…..and so easy to listen to.  Jon’s got a bunch of albums out. This one isn’t his latest, just my personal favorite.

Check him out when you’ve gotcha some time.

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