Stalking Todd Snider

Don’t you just hate it when one person has to ruin it for everybody?

I’m sure it was nothing, probably just a fan who wanted to ask Todd Snider to play a favorite song. Or something.

But she definitely took the wrong approach Friday night at The Sons Of Hermann Hall.

As he was strapping on his guitar and getting ready to start his set, a lady got out of her front row seat and climbed up on the edge of the stage and said something to Todd , who looked kind of startled and stepped back So she tried to wave him over. He stepped back further and looked genuinely frightened and started to take off his guitar and harmonica when Dave Hixx, his stage manager, spotted the intruder and immediately grabbed her and pulled her off the stage.

Hixx then yelled “all the way out” as she was brusquely escorted out the door while her confused companion stood there looking like he wasn’t sure what to do.

It seemed like a fairly harsh over-reaction. I mean while the lady clearly wasn’t up on her live show etiquette, neither did she look threatening in any way, merely intrusive.

But she may well have seemed threatening to Todd. After his first song he explained about his stalker who was just arrested in Nashville on Wednesday. She had trespassed onto his property and scared the hell out of his house-sitter. After leaving Todd’s house, she apparently broke through a Presidential motorcade roadblock and even led police on a 20 minute chase.

Ironically, Todd was on the road to Dallas during all this.

He said after all that when he saw the woman get on the stage all he could think was (paraphrasing) “I’m getting the fuck out of here.”

I’m sure the lady at the Sons Friday wasn’t quite as deranged as Ashton but whatever was so pressing she had to jump on the stage to tell Todd as he was just about to start sure seemed to knock him off kilter. I think his performance suffered as a result. He did a fairly short set without ever really seeming to engage even though the crowd was solidly with him. There were no 18 minute rants, no “Play A Train Song” and the banter he did attempt seemed kind of distracted. After he played an encore of “Conservative Christian…” he was off the stage and out the door.

In case anyone didn’t already know (OK, there was one person there who didn’t) Todd also told us that if you want to tell him that you met his brother in Houston in 1983 or whatever, it’s kind of an after-the-show thing.

I sure hope she remembers that next time.

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3 Responses to Stalking Todd Snider

  1. Baga says:

    The “Concrete Angel” Incident

    Just kiddin’, man, but, hey, while we’re rappin’, … you think I otta drop Brent a little line and ask him about his pal? I’d really like to know if Brent knows this wad on a personal basis.

  2. Baga says:

    Above story really is, as usual, well told, and, on (at least) a few levels, strikingly sad.

  3. jitter says:

    Hey baga
    Sure, why not?
    On the same note, You’ll probably appreciate this:

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