Rat Trapper

Rat Trapper - Laramie, WyomingThere are just a whole helluva lot of things that don’t happen around here a whole helluva lot of the time, but sometimes….the strangest combinations of people get together and form a band – the right way.

I’m fascinated, intrigued and ever-so entertained by a new young band that just sprung up outta nowhere – well- at the hardware store, really, I guess.  It started with a washtub, a broomstick and some weed-whacker line, the way I heard it, but check the bios on their site for the real story.

See, thing is, they write their own songs!  Yeah, words, music, all that!  You will be amazed at the weird mix of killer keys, banjo, guitars and that crazy washtub bass.  It’ll make you scratch your head.  Well worth the listen – funny, smart, serious, danceable,,,,,,

And they are so generous, sharing their booze-driven music with everyone everywhere around these parts.  They livened up the local sleepy bar with their CD release party and then turned around and did a benefit for a local emergency care center, then road tripped Texas and had a grand time playing with Lonesome Heroes and the like.

The CD is called Tub Life.  Relax, kick your shoes off and enjoy.  Something original, raw, unpredictable and not quite perfect, but with hints of some stellar influences of old.  The live show is even better, of course.  Okay, I’m a fan.  I drank the kool-aid….or, in this case, ate the cheese.  I got the CD, the T-shirt and stuck a Rat Trapper sticker on my guitar case.



I look forward to seeing where this brand new CD release will take them.  They’ve already got folks from Laramie, San Marcos, Dallas and parts unknown tapping their toes and singing along with John Whitley.

What would John Whitley do?  DRINK!


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  1. gracey says:

    Has anyone not checked out these guys yet? Word is, they are playing in Laramie, WY, on Oct. 19, opening for Ronnie Fauss??? Cool!

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