4 Responses to Peace Queer

  1. Art says:

    Is this for real?

  2. naomi says:

    Definitely for real.
    Saw Todd a couple weeks ago at the Folks Festival in Lyons. He had a new monologue, all about the Peace Queers.
    Can’t wait for the new CD.

  3. Earl Jones says:

    I love Jitter’s description of Todd Snider’s eyes lol. Has this website ever heard the term “Podcast?” We would love to download and hear this interview like any other website that allows you to. What is the budget to this website? $10 a year. The graphic and technology to this website are disservice to the music that it covers. Is this website maintained by Commodore 64?


  4. gracey says:

    That’s funny. I don’t care if it’s just a post-it note on my windshield, I appreciate good music recommendations wherever I find ’em.

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