Now that the haze is starting to dissipate…

47 Drams – Straight To Hell

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What can I say- that Tequila Brad sure knows how to throw a damn party.  Saturday night at Dan’s Silverleaf was a total liquor fueled, pull-out-all-the-stops, crank it up and rock this place throw down. With cake.  Todd Mankin and his band started things off.  We got there in the middle of his set and he was already in full rockin’ mode.  He’s got a great voice, some good songs and a kickin’ band behind him. He closed his set with Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold.  Austin’s Band of Heathens were up next. I’ve heard their fine debut CD, Live At Momo’s– and it’s good, but I was still surprised by the full force of their set.They won the “Best New Band” at this year’s Austin Music Awards and it’s easy to see why. They’ve got three singer/songwriters trading leads, Colin Brooks, Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist and each of them have enough talent to front your average band all by himself.  Together, they blend into something pretty exceptional.  They played the best stuff from Live At Momo’s plus a few new songs from their Ray Wylie Hubbard produced, soon to be released studio album.

On first hearing their CD I thought they sounded a lot like the Subdudes– with lots of that New Orleans R&B shuffle thing going on.  And any band that does a Tom Waits cover (Anywhere I Lay My Head) gets extra bonus props in my book.  Saturday night they had more than that going on; nicely blending in country, soul and rock.  They tore the place down and had the crowd on their feet throughout the whole set, which they closed with Cane On The Brazos, an old Texas prison chain gang song made famous by The Band.

Apparently a lot of people came just to hear them. One person had driven all they way from Norman Oklahoma and I think she left early in The Drams‘ set. That’s too bad because The Drams played the best show I’ve yet seen them play- and that’s not just the whiskey talking. . .

I knew it was going to be special when, two songs in, they tore into Gimme Back My Dog. In fact they played lots of Slobberbone songs, mostly from Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today, my own personal favorite Bone album.

It was a party and I was partying so I didn’t get a setlist- but I heard:  That Is All, Trust Jesus, Dunk You In The River, Placemat Blues, Billy Pritchard, Love Is Waning and even that BeeGees cover they did on their last record.

They also did Budapest One‘s Homemade Biscuits and The Band’s The Shape I’m In and a couple of new songs, one featuring Keith Killoren on vocals.  And, of course, a few from Jubilee Dive.

Tequila Brad videoed the whole thing and says he’s gonna post it in it’s entirety, so keep an eye on this space and we’ll link it when he does.


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2 Responses to Now that the haze is starting to dissipate…

  1. Great re-hash…’specially for someone who had to be at work at 6 AM the next morning and was unable to attend…sigh…

  2. Baga says:

    I too, was @ said venue that historic f-ing night, and, I believe, that anybody that was there would agree that it was an unbelievable show. Giant fan of Band of Heathens (NOW), and absolutely can not wait to see Drams again (nothing new ’bout that), especially at another birthday party. 12/8/07 – Club Dada, Dallas (club co-owner B-day) : if you can pull it off, I’m certain you’ll be glad you did.

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