Leaving, TX – Anywhere On Good Roads

LEAVING, TX: Anywhere On Good RoadsYou know when you share someone’s musical taste, you’re gonna like the music they come up with. So if you like Hayes Carll, Jon Dee Graham, Joe Ely, Robert Earl Keen, and those kinds of guys, Leaving, TX, is right down your alley.

In Anywhere On Good Roads, the boys from Leaving, TX have come up with a fine sophomore release filled with songs about drinkin’, smokin’, lyin’, and killin’. And drinkin’. Okay, pretty much all the songs are about drinkin’. But that’s okay. We like that.

Leaving, TX is: Chris Patterson on vocals, acoustic, and electric guitar; Garry Cecil on bass and backing vocals; Thor Smith on drums; and Andrew Buhler on electric, pedal steel, and lap steel guitars. Tony Correlli, who co-produced the CD (and recorded and mixed it) also helps out with the Hammond B3 organ on “ Drinkin’ Again”. They’re based in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.

Patterson writes the songs (three songs were co-written with Biff Rendar). The pedal steel gives some of the tunes an old-timey country flavor but there is still some harder rock . . . They describe themselves as "a country band with a twang-rock problem."

The sound is quintessential Americana – thoroughly grounded in country but not completely country. Patterson’s voice has that rough quality that helps country music avoid being boring. It sounds like it hurts by the end of the night.

The track I find myself hitting repeat on is “Lies” – it has one of my favorite Slobberbone riffs in it – and that Slobberbone song is a cover (you know, that BeeGees song they stuck on Slippage.

So, yeah, this material isn’t blindingly original but I like it. The stuff that sounds like other bands is good stuff. So there you go.

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  1. gracey says:

    Hey, I really like this album! I’m hearing a little Slobberbone/Drams/Drive By Trucker’s influence, too, which is NEVER a bad thing! Where’d these guys come from? (d’oh, Texas?) and where have they been hiding? I bet we will hear more from this band. I’m keepin’ my ears open.

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