Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

Jason Isbell & the 400 UnitJason and the 400 Unit put out a crazy good CD just a year or so ago called Sirens of the Ditch. It had "Brand New Kind of Actress" and "Dress Blues "and got plenty attention. I ordered it pre-released and it’s been played and played and I still love it and it still moves me.

The new self-titled album is a beautiful work of art. No, really, I bought the package deal from their website and got the album and an autographed CD. My record spinner is out of commission right now, but I had to have that big ol’ album, just for the cover art. Browan Lollar did it. Talk about multi-talented, this band’s got that wrapped. Jason’s just a wizard at everything.

The 400 Unit is Browan Lollar, Derry deBorge, Jimbo Hart and Matt Pence. They’re no slouches. Look them up, if you haven’t. Those of you who like to cherry-pick songs (which I still find kinda weird) try "Sunstroke" first. If you love it, try "Good" too. If you don’t think you love either of ‘em and you just wanna drink beer and get in touch with your inner cowboy, give a listen to "Cigarettes and Wine". If that don’t get ya, I’ll cry in my beer for you.

It’s not ‘Sirens’ and it’s not the live show, but it sure is full of truth and wisdom, beautifully delivered. It’s an easy album to listen to all the way through and just get lost in. Layered. Nice.

Nice work, Jason. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Larimer Lounge and chat with (I’m convinced) the nicest guy in rock n’ roll today.

Can’t wait to see you in Denver! Rock the fuck out of the Bluebird!


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