Gillian Welch and David Rawlings — Folks Festival, August 17, 2007 – Lyons, Colorado

August 17, 2007
Lyons, Colorado

Folks Festival in Lyons, Colorado, August 2007“This is a really big deal for us” she confided, midway through their set on the first day of this year’s Folks Festival. “We’ve never been the closing act at a music festival.”

This was after we had abandoned our tarp and moved to the front, to get away from the talking mommies in the back. It was a good move. In front, the crowd wasn’t talking. In fact, between songs, and after the loud applause died down, mostly what we could hear were the crickets chirping, such was the level of the concentration by the crowd with respect to what was happening on stage.

It was an agreeable setting, with lights on the nearby red rock canyon walls, more lights on the trees surrounding the stage, and a cooled down Colorado summer night. On stage, they were putting on a great show – a mix of (mostly original) old time country, gospel and folk songs, and featuring Gillian’s beautiful vocals and Dave’s amazing guitar. Suspiciously amazing. So amazing, it would be reasonable to suspect he might be from another planet. Which might explain why the crowd was so quiet (mind control), why many turned flashlights toward the performers when the stage lights went out (more mind control), and also the way Rawlings was dancing with his guitar as he played. Perhaps that is just how they do it on his planet, I thought to myself. If so, it’s a rocking planet.

Based on the level of effort and the excitement on stage, it was clear that both musicians were thrilled to be the headliners. After sitting through multiple rain showers plus the Ditty Bops, we were feeling the same way.



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