Drive-By Truckers – Boulder Theater – April 12, 2013

My guess is that even hardcore Drive-Trucker fans are tired of hearing us go on and on about the Truckers.  Sorry.  It’s just they never get old. Anyway. instead of telling you again how it’s one of the best Rock Shows you can see and telling you how cool it was to see it at the Boulder Theater (even though the sound mix wasn’t perfect), here are some blurry photos.  Try to imagine yourself being there.  And breathe deep. It’s Boulder.

Patterson Hood & his cough medicine

Patterson Hood & his cough medicine

Please excuse me for not getting better pictures of Patterson but I love this one of him holding up his cough medicine.

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2 Responses to Drive-By Truckers – Boulder Theater – April 12, 2013

  1. gracey says:

    They rocked Boulder again, for sure. I think they like it there! The new incarnation of the band works, so if you haven’t seen them with their new bass player, check ’em out. Still the best show for the money I’ve ever experienced. They just give it their all at every show. Both nights were spectacular.

  2. austex says:

    The blew Austin away in January. Everyone in our group had seen them countless times, so we all came in with certain expectations. They exceeded every one of them. Best live band going IMO.

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