Creosote – Blacksmoke

Few things in life are more exciting than buying a disc from an artist you’ve never heard of and discovering it’s one of the best albums you’ve heard in years.   

creosoteThe description of Creosote’s “Blacksmoke” at Miles of Music included a comparison to Slobberbone so I couldn’t resist.  And it delivers.  Big time.

There’s not a lot of information about Creosote out there.  They’re from Tucson.  "Blacksmoke" was released by NowPublishingNow, a small company that publishes music and books without commercial pressure.

From the very little I could find written on this band, it appears that lead singer Jason Steed pulled the band together to help him record a group of songs  he wrote after a break up. 

The Creosote website lists some tour dates for this summer.  All in the Tucson area.

All the words and music on “Blacksmoke” are written by Steed, although he shares credit for the music on two tracks with Larry Vance. 

Steed rasps out the lyrics with a voice even huskier than Brent Best of Slobberbone, making the vague songs of lost love and regret all the more melancholic.  He even moans a bit like Springsteen on “Wichita Savior.”

The record is very reminiscent of Slobberbone, by way of Uncle Tupelo.  Or, if you prefer, like a cross between Richmond Fontaine and the Honeydogs.  Good solid guitar work with some dobro, fiddle, banjo, and harmonica in the mix.  The songs are varied – some ballads and some with a bit more bite to them. 

Just listen to the first song, "It’s Over Now."

Strong stuff.  File under “Keep An Eye On.”

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