We Got Mail

We don’t get all that much mail, ‘cause we’re slackers and all, but The Philistines, Jr. band sent me a free listen to their new album “If A Band Plays in the Woods…” Hmm.

Maybe I was just in a mood this morning like I felt like I needed a nudge in a new direction. Maybe I just love innovation supported by well-written, thought-tickling lyrics and a we-are-all-in-the-same-boat-together attitude.

This is NOT my kind of music. At all. Is it? Sounds like some weird combination of electronica and a toy-store xylophone. It’s sure not raging southern guitar rock, folky Americana or banjos and mandolins. So, why did they send this to me? Did it leak that I’m a closet ABBA and Boy George fan? Did someone catch me listening to that danged White Stripes stuff? I don’t know.

The Philistines, Jr. are doing something different. On first listen, my thoughts meandered this away: Long, electro intros that make me wonder if it’s gonna be worth the wait, stellar keyboard work, interesting and unexpected arrangements, sparse lyrics well worth the wait. Now this was so sweet and strange that I have to admit that I did have to hit Pause and go fix myself a waffle at one point. Starting over with “Twenty Miles to NH”, I sank into the couch a little deeper. I decided to find out if they were touring and when they’d be around here and considered maybe catching them live, maybe sitting in with ‘em for a short set with my flute-o-phone or something…..This is how you start thinking when you listen to this shit…

I’m going to have to go now and put on some Townes and get this new vibration (so reminiscent of very old vibrations) OUT of my head. Out! Out! ….Pancho was a bandit, boys, horse was made of polished steel, wore his gun outside his pants…

“Hey, Hey, It’s the end of the world again….”

They are kinda saying the same damn thing, aren‘t they?

Maybe I better check out this Philistines, Jr. website, MySpace, FaceBook, and all a little more closely and see if there are any other tracks out there. I want to hear more.

Maybe I’ll give the whole album another listen.

Y’all check it out.

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  1. gracey says:

    Really, Gracey? His horse was MADE of polished steel? About how fast can a steel horse run, do you reckon?

    Of course, I know better. I just got carried away. Happens to me all the time.

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