Alison Krauss and Robert Plant – Raising Sand

The cover actually says Robert Plant/Alison Krauss. I’m thinkin’ Alison should have gotten top billing here. It’s really her album. I am still pleased with my purchase, but I’d read some promo-hype and was expecting more. I just feel slightly duped somehow.

Knowing that Raising Sand had “Nothin'” by the late, great Townes, the most perfect lyricist ever, and a cover of Rowland Salley’s “Killing the Blues” (which you’ve heard John Prine sing) was all it took to sell me anyway. Alison and
Robert do a very sweet, slowed-down version and are quite properly ‘swinging the world by the tail’ on this one.

Robert Plant rocks “Fortune Teller” somewhat, but I keep waiting for him to break out his outdoor voice. “Fortune Teller” is credited to Naomi Neville. I do believe that is a pseudonym for Allen Toussaint, New Orleans piano player extraordinaire and clever lyricist. It’s a nice song, nicely done.

“Stick With Me, Baby” is a Mel Tillis cover from 1960. Another slow one. With sweet harmonies.

The track that I will iPod is “Nothin'” with its perfectly ominous fiddle by Alison and sweet narration by Plant. Props to T-Bone Burnett, Norman Blake, Marc Ribot on guitars and Dennis Crouch on bass. Killer! I could have used a little less tambourine, but now I’m just getting picky.

The CD finishes with two more good ones, but now I just want to go cuddle with my baby and probably fall asleep.

Eh?? I’ll give this one couple more spins, then probably wrap it back up and send it to my brother who swears he wants to be Alison’s next ex-husband.

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3 Responses to Alison Krauss and Robert Plant – Raising Sand

  1. theresa says:

    Friday night, I listened to this cd at Barnes and Noble and I have to say I was dissapointed. Two great artists, but, It just didn’t work for me. There were some nice pieces and arrangements, but not enough for me to purchase the cd. I ended up getting an old Tom Waites cd and felt good about the purchase. I’ll have to go back and listen to Krauss and Plant again. Maybe it was the mood and perhaps I was expecting too much. I just didn’t want to invenst money into something that would set on the shelf … and I kinda had a feeling that’s where the cd would spend most of its time.

  2. gracey says:

    This one swept the Grammy’s???? I need to go back and listen again. Nah,,,,only maybe 3 songs made it to my IPOD. Still, beats the hell out of a whole bunch of other stuff out there. Congratulations to Krauss and Plant. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  3. John says:

    The Plant/Krauss record was mediocre at best. Just my opinion.

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