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Rose’s Pawn Shop

Rose's Pawn Shop - Dancing on the Gallows

Um, okay, so I found this email from Rose’s Pawn Shop way down deep in my inbox.  Don’t know how I missed it. Glad I found it though ’cause these guys are really good!  It’s that Appalachian/Bluegrass/Americana/Rock thing we like so well at  Yeah, think Avett Brothers, Old Crow Read more →

The Streakin’ Healys – “Booze Fighter”

The Streakin' Healys "Booze Fighter"

It starts with a mellow guitar chord, the sound of beer can popping open, and then busts into some Celtic punk-sounding hillbilly bluegrass with redneck/punk vocals and a manic fiddle. Read more →

Ronnie Fauss’s “Mulligan”

Ronnie Fauss's "Mulligan"

Fauss has got that songwriting/storytelling gene I admire in the great ones – James McMurtry, Steve Earle, Neil Young . The music stays with you and the stories are fascinating, kind of open ended so you have to think. With a lot of humor thrown in. Read more →

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Had to share with you my favorite Christmas song – “Gumdrop,” Brent Best’s sweet tale of  Christmas joy and domestic violence.  Also, a brilliant take on the classic Clement Moore poem “The Night Before Christmas.”  I grabbed this years ago off a Slobberbone fan site (sorry, don’t remember who posted Read more →

We Are The O’s

The O’s are Taylor Young and John Pedigo. They both sing. Taylor has the guitar and the drum. John has the banjo. It sounds like there are a lot more than two of them up there. Takes coordination to do that. And it’s not like they weren’t drinking or anything. Read more →

Ronnie Fauss – New Songs For The Old Frontier (Volume 1)

So I get Ronnie Fauss’s EP, New Songs for the Old Frontier (Fig Records), in the mail today. I play it a couple times and immediately fall in love with it. Read more →

Cracker Meets Patterson Hood

So this is a pretty cool video -  Patterson Hood helping Cracker out on their new CD (see below).  Brightened up my day today.  Hope it does yours as well. Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey: Cracker Don’t have the CD yet but love the single. . . Read more →

Drive-By Truckers – The Fine Print

Drive-By Truckers' "The Fine Print"

A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003 – 2008   So the Drive-By Truckers have another release and another triumph.  The Fine Print (A Collection Of Oddities And Rarities 2003-2008) is a collection of alternate takes, covers made for tribute albums, and stuff that just plain never made it on Read more →

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