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Drive-By Truckers – Boulder Theater – April 12, 2013

My guess is that even hardcore Drive-Trucker fans are tired of hearing us go on and on about the Truckers.  Sorry.  It’s just they never get old. Anyway. instead of telling you again how it’s one of the best Rock Shows you can see and telling you how cool it was to see it at the Boulder Theater (even though the sound mix wasn’t perfect), here are some blurry photos.  Try to imagine yourself being there.  And breathe deep. It’s Boulder.

Patterson Hood & his cough medicine

Patterson Hood & his cough medicine

Please excuse me for not getting better pictures of Patterson but I love this one of him holding up his cough medicine.

I Am The Man You Know I'm Not

Ronnie Fauss – I Am The Man You Know I’m Not

I Am The Man You Know I'm NotSpecial October  treat!    Ronnie Fauss’s debut full length CD,  I Am The Man You Know I’m Not, was released on NormalTown Records, an imprint of New West Records.  For now, at least, it’s streaming here.

Fauss continues with his trademark raspy voice and he’ll get you coming and going – with his music AND his lyrics.  He’s versatile – pretty clean cut (for Americana, anyway) but he can hang tough with the Laramie crowd.  He can write love songs and he can write break up songs.  They all speak to you.  “With Love” will make you cry – about a boy/man losing his father at a young age, wanting to show his Dad how he made it through that loss  and came out on the other side.

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Max and Dave

The Gourds at The Shed


The Shed as seen through the Gourds’ van

July 16, 2011

Maryville, Tennessee

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d already know that there is no such thing as a bad Gourds show. Given that, I wasn’t going to bore you all with yet another Gourds rave review but I saw them Saturday night (7/16.11) at The Shed and the whole experience was too much fun not to share.

The Shed is an outdoor venue connected to the Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson dealership there in Maryville (correctly pronounced “MURR-ville”), Tennessee. It’s under a big tin roof and you bring your own chairs. I thought it was gonna be godawful hot but, miraculously, the temps had cooled off and we even had a breeze so, you know, perfect night to be outside, drinking beers (Shiner Bock!), eating barbecue, and dancing to the Gourds.  Didn’t get a great picture of the venue (Shiner Bocks) but there are some here that are better than any I could have taken with my phone.  Along with some fine video. Continue reading

Rose's Pawn Shop - Dancing on the Gallows

Rose’s Pawn Shop

Rose's Pawn Shop - Dancing on the GallowsUm, okay, so I found this email from Rose’s Pawn Shop way down deep in my inbox.  Don’t know how I missed it. Glad I found it though ’cause these guys are really good!  It’s that Appalachian/Bluegrass/Americana/Rock thing we like so well at  Yeah, think Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, like that.

I sampled most of the tunes on their second disc, Dancing On The Gallows, and I can see I have some catching up to do.  I have to admit that I haven’t really sat down and heard all the tracks yet because I’m just streaming this – like I recommend YOU do but it’s grabbing me.  More every time I hear it.

Love “Pine Box”, for example.  See what you think.


But then I listened again and was really liking this one.

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The Streakin' Healys "Booze Fighter"

The Streakin’ Healys – “Booze Fighter”

The Streakin' Healys "Booze Fighter"They sign their correspondence “Your friend in whiskey.”  You gotta like that.

And they are altruistic, claiming their debut album, Booze Fighter “is saving country music one shot of whiskey at a time.”

So, naturally, I was intrigued.

The first song “Honky Tonk Nights” got my attention.  It starts with  a mellow guitar chord, the sound of beer can popping open, and then busts into some Celtic punk-sounding hillbilly bluegrass with redneck/punk vocals and a manic fiddle.    That’s the best I can describe it.  Fun.

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