Here We Rest - Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit – “Here We Rest”

Here We Rest - Jason IsbellIt’s not a well-kept secret that Jason Isbell songs just send me tingling all over, right?  So, my old cabana boy called me the other night and said “Have you heard the new Jason Isbell record?”

“No, where’d you hear it?”

“Oh, they’re playing a few tracks on Outlaw Country on Sirius.  There’s one song with a line that goes something like ‘I’m taking it home to go it alone again.’”  Then he said a lot of other shit while I scrambled to look up the phone number of the only available place to shop in this little town, the sub-par conglomerate that I won’t even name.  They had two copies, so I snagged them both.  One for him (to rub it in, see?) and one for me to keep in the wrapper and fondle, while I “tested” the gift copy.  Cover art by Browan Lollar.  Birds, this time.  Beautiful, as always. Continue reading