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Top Ten for 2009?

From the moment I sussed out the info that Steve Earle was releasing “Townes”, I knew I’d have to have that one. It’s a forever keeper. And, Guy Clark’s “Sometimes the Song Writes You” was getting multiple rave reviews before I’d ever heard of it, so I internet-ordered that. Kris Kristofferson’s “Closer to the Bone” kept me camped out by the mailbox for a while. Well worth the frostbite, though. Continue reading

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Spreading Christmas Cheer

Had to share with you my favorite Christmas song – “Gumdrop,” Brent Best’s sweet tale of  Christmas joy and domestic violence.  Also, a brilliant take on the classic Clement Moore poem “The Night Before Christmas.”  I grabbed this years ago … Continue reading

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We Are The O’s

The O’s are Taylor Young and John Pedigo. They both sing. Taylor has the guitar and the drum. John has the banjo. It sounds like there are a lot more than two of them up there. Takes coordination to do that. And it’s not like they weren’t drinking or anything. Continue reading

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Ronnie Fauss – New Songs For The Old Frontier (Volume 1)

So I get Ronnie Fauss’s EP, New Songs for the Old Frontier (Fig Records), in the mail today. I play it a couple times and immediately fall in love with it. Continue reading

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