At The Races with Robert Earl Keen

April 14, 2007

There’s a big race down in Dallas.
Don’t you wish that you were there?
You can bet your bottom dollar
On that iron grey mare.
Won’t you bet on Stewball? – She might win, win, win.
Bet on Stewball  – She might win.

There weren’t any big races in Dallas on Saturday; just a starter handicap, a couple allowances and a bunch of maiden and claiming races. Elsewhere, there was the Arkansas Derby, but that was in Hot Springs.

The big feature at Lone Star Park was the Robert Earl Keen show after the day’s race program.

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Lucinda Williams – West

There once was a time when, at my house, a new Lucinda Williams record was something of a major event. I’m talking back when she only put out an album every five years or so. Then, after a seemingly endless wait, she would put out west something like Sweet Old World or Car Wheels On A Gravel Road or Essence and all that much rumored obsessive perfectionism would result in about as great a record as any hard core roots music thrill seeker could hope for.

Man, those were the days.

Lately she’s been a lot more prolific than she was back then. Her latest release, “West,” on Lost Highway Records, is her third studio release since 2001. And if you count last year’s Live at the Fillmore, she’s been virtually cranking them out since the turn of the millennium, relatively speaking.

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Eleven Hundred Springs @ Lee Harvey’s

March 24, 2007

Ever since I moved to Texas, I’ve always had a difficult relationship with country music. There’s country music that I just can’t seem to get enough of – like Johnny Cash or Robert Earl Keen or Gram Parsons or any number of genre defying “alt country” acts; but then, on the other hand, it can very easily cross that thin, abstract line that separates “good country” from country radio pop, or that special Texas-centric brand of dreary redneck country or anything that twangs without any sense of fun or adventure. Matt&Jordan

But that being said; there’s also a particular kind of straight up, no apologies country music that’s all about having a great time.

Eleven Hundred Springs plays that kind of country.

If there’s one thing these guys always seem to bring, it’s a damn good time. They brought that and even more to the show at Lee Harvey’s Saturday night.

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